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Dr. Nagib's Research

Flow Visualization Images:

Grid Turbulence I
Grid Turbulence II
Grid Turbulence III
Grid Turbulence IV
Turbulent Boundary Layer

Recent Presentations:

DARPA XV-15 TiltRotor Micro Adaptive Flow Control (MAFC) Flight Presentation

DARPA XV-15 Test Flight Movie

Recently Published Research Papers:

Enhanced Performance of Airfoils at Moderate Mach Numbers Using Zero-Mass Flux Pulsed Blowing

Effective Flow Control For Rotorcraft Applications At Flight Mach Numbers

Unsteady-Pressure Corrections In Highly Attenuated Measurements At Moderate Mach Numbers

Evaluation of Three Techniques for Wall-Shear Measurements in Three-Dimensional Flows

Evaluating the law of the wall in two-dimensional fully developed turbulent channel flows

Unsteady Wall-Shear Measurements in Turbulent Boundary Layers Using MEMS

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